STOP with the labels. I am MORE THAN my environment


I have never been interested in labels, classes and categories but that doesn’t stop people from putting labels on me because of where I grew up. I am simply a complicated lady raised up in what they call the ghetto, in the hood as they call it. Ever since I started school I have always been referred as a “girl who stays in Gaborone West” . My mother and I moved in this part of the city when I was six years old and that means seventeen years of been referred called a ghetto girl. Is like people are expecting me to speak ghetto, to dress ghetto, to walk ghetto but I am more than all those.

Just earlier today I was having conversation with some friends and they mentioned some slang word that I didn’t know, when I asked what it meant they pulled the whole “you are suppose to know that face”. Growing up in my kind of neighborhood has never been easy because of labels people tag on me.Can something good come out of Gaborone West? Can a well behaved, God fearing woman come out of my kind of neighborhood? Well, YES. God has done it and he still continues to raise me up, way above my neighborhood’s expectations. My neighborhood doesn’t define me,I build my neighborhood in the best way God shows me how. I don’t speak the same language because I have faith and the eyes of God. I am don’t dress like ghetto because I have Christ to put on everyday. I don’t abide by Gaborone West rules. I have Christ as my standard and I will thank Him for by living as I should. Do not let people define you based on where you where raised up or the size of house you live in because you are more than that, in fact you are everything but those things. Do not let your environment limit you to someone lesser than what your Creator intended you to be. DON’T get me wrong our neighborhood, community, environment can be of some sort of influence in the way we look at life but that should never get to a point of defining our lives.

The word of God builds my character ,not my environment. I want to be a difference where God has placed me at this time. I am setting a standard of Jesus in my neighborhood. Like Esther , I choose to say what if I was raised in Gaborone West for such a time as this. I want Jesus to be known in Gaborone West.I want my neighbors to meet with Him. I am modelling Christ in my neighborhood. What are you doing in your suburbs? How are you making Him known where you at right now? He has set us apart for this. That’s all that matters.

I will not tear down what God’s doing in me over my neighborhood background. I am more because Jesus lives in me. He is the hope of Gaborone West.


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