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Connecting people is a first step. Making disciples is a second step. Belonging is a higher motivation than becoming. Period. End of story. If you want to make more disciples, focus on making it easy to connect into an environment where most barriers to following Jesus have been removed.

Making disciples who make disciples must be built into the way ordinary life happens at your church.

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It’s just mind-blowing. You can’t go back.

Broken Walls|Burned Gates:

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It is in the darkest moments of life, or ‘the wilderness’ that we are able to really see God and just how Mighty & Powerful He really is…but also how loving. In the depths of depression and worries of life, God is with you. He’s there when you wake up at 3 a.m. and can’t sleep. Still listening, waiting for you to trust Him…and after that…its just mind-blowing. You can’t go back.

via Hosea 2:14

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Known And Read Of All Men | WE ARE THE EPISTLES


Are you a readable letter of Christ? Can people read your life and be able to acknowledge the Writer and the handwriting.

The only letter of recommendation we need is you yourselves. Your lives are a letter written in our hearts; everyone can read it and recognize our good work among you. (2 Corinthians 3:2) Paul refers to the church in Corinth as his letter, the seal of his apostolic calling. Let’s be reminded that we are only instruments in the work of God. It is just a privilege to be part of the good work God is doing in His church.

Our lives ought to say something distinctive to the world. This means that we live by a different standard – God’s. We seek to live righteously, pleasing Jesus in all circumstances.

Be a readable letter of Christ.

As letters of Christ, we need to be readable. That means:

Let’s live to be read.

Happy with what I have | HAPPY THANKSGIVING

My blessings are too many to count, listing them all here would be a bit ridiculous. Some things are seemingly small but are really quite important to me. I am a truly blessed woman.

1) I am thankful that when I was fifteen years old, Jesus opened my eyes to the power of what He has done for me on the cross. Thank you Jesus for the gift of salvation. Your love is relentless.

10157344_853833807976923_7295838782647375631_nMe and Jesus!!

2) My mother is ridiculously amazing woman. FOR REAL! A hard working, loving, beautiful woman who raised me up to be a woman I am today. Thank you so much mama for leading me in the ways of the Lord. I shall not depart from this. Mama really rocks my world.

10270282_943047755722194_3771971273006590946_n10685326_943097762383860_2554852266762746896_n Mom and me.

3) I am super thankful for family. WOW God you really blessed me here :). I still don’t know how they put up with my crazy. To my rocking sister and my super activity brothers,thank you so much for loving me. I have realized that love grows best in little homes, with fewer walls to separate. Oh, and my cousins rock too :) I can’t list you by name but you know the part you have played in my life. Thank you Jesus for family.

1780866_961665900527046_4129790966217929553_n Me and my lovely sister.!! Didn’t have time to load more.:) I love her lots.

Cousin Pearl got married this month. Thank you Jesus for blessing their marriage. There are such an example to me Daddy.

1891234_970354832991486_4148572166583543219_nPearl Dikai :) On her big day!!

I’m thankful for friends. There are so many, I can’t list them all here. I have some right here reading this post. I am truly grateful for each and everyone. Kenanao, Segolame and Lesedi thank you for sticking closer. I cannot remember the last time I was lonely. Life is such a joy with you ladies.

“A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”  Proverbs 18:24

1795887_10204060751417840_3299469217013764041_o10515122_10205225232572477_4219591526868001238_o1921153_686212244755328_870404173_oLesedi, Segolame and Kenanao!!

Lastly, I’m thankful for the greatest privilege to serve God’s people. I love been part of what He is doing in this nation . He has prepared me many years for this time and I’m truly thankful for it.

Happy thanksgiving! Let your lives be full of both thanks and giving…., Get it?!!! :)



You steady me
Slow and sweet we sway
Take the lead and I will follow

Finally ready now
To close my eyes and just believe
That you won’t lead me where you don’t go

When my faith gets tired
And my hope seems lost
You spin me round and round
And remind me of that song
The one you wrote for me

And we dance
And we dance

I’ve been told
To pick up my sword
And fight for love
Little did I know
That love had won for me

Here in your arms
You still my heart again
And I breathe you in
Like I’ve never breathed till now

When my faith gets tired
And my hope seems lost
You spin me round and round
And remind me of that song
The one you wrote for me

And I will lock eyes
With the one who’s ransomed me
The one who gave me joy from mourning

And I will lock eyes
With the one who’s chosen me
The one who set my feet to dancing

We dance
Just you and me

It’s nice to know
I’m not alone
I’ve found my home here in your arms

We DON’T FALL BACK | WALK by the same rule


Are you holding to your progress? Are you still pursuing the same course? We don’t fall back in grade Jesus

I was reading Philippians 3:16 this morning and it says, But we must hold on to the progress we have already made. Paul was encouraging the Philippians to keep pursuing the path they have chosen. Keep marching in order. Don’t lose step. Press towards the same mark for the same price. When it’s all said and done, may we not be ashamed when we compare our lives with His commands.

Our standard will be tested. So far we have come, let’s keep to the same path.

My life will continually be ordered and guided by Jesus.