You steady me
Slow and sweet we sway
Take the lead and I will follow

Finally ready now
To close my eyes and just believe
That you won’t lead me where you don’t go

When my faith gets tired
And my hope seems lost
You spin me round and round
And remind me of that song
The one you wrote for me

And we dance
And we dance

I’ve been told
To pick up my sword
And fight for love
Little did I know
That love had won for me

Here in your arms
You still my heart again
And I breathe you in
Like I’ve never breathed till now

When my faith gets tired
And my hope seems lost
You spin me round and round
And remind me of that song
The one you wrote for me

And I will lock eyes
With the one who’s ransomed me
The one who gave me joy from mourning

And I will lock eyes
With the one who’s chosen me
The one who set my feet to dancing

We dance
Just you and me

It’s nice to know
I’m not alone
I’ve found my home here in your arms

We DON’T FALL BACK | WALK by the same rule


Are you holding to your progress? Are you still pursuing the same course? We don’t fall back in grade Jesus

I was reading Philippians 3:16 this morning and it says, But we must hold on to the progress we have already made. Paul was encouraging the Philippians to keep pursuing the path they have chosen. Keep marching in order. Don’t lose step. Press towards the same mark for the same price. When it’s all said and done, may we not be ashamed when we compare our lives with His commands.

Our standard will be tested. So far we have come, let’s keep to the same path.

My life will continually be ordered and guided by Jesus.


For FRUITS, we must labour | For a PRICE, we must run the race


We often talk about how we have received the word of God but has the word that is received cast out the thorns in our hearts? Or we have allowed them to just grow side by side? We are responsible our growth.
How well have you received the word that was spoken over you?


In Matthew 13:22, We see a person who marks, learns and inwardly digests the word of God. This person has roots in himself.  The word is allowed to sink into his mind and heart. And yet, even in him, the thorns spring up until they gradually choke it out. Thorns among corn!

Worldly cares are thorns that harasses our Christ-like progress.

I don’t want to be occupied with the affairs of this life. God help me set my affections on the things of heaven. Like a soldier, may I wholly attend only to my military exercises. NOT ENTANGLED WITH THE AFFAIRS OF THIS WORLD.

For fruits, we must labour. For a prize, we must run the race. For His promises, we must do His will.


God desires us to be fruitful in our walk with Him. So let’s us not allow thorns to steal all the nutrients and starve us our growth in Christ. We are set on a pilgrimage. The fading things of this world should not dominate our thinking..

I am not denying that God wants to bless us with things, but the bible is very clear that if we are preoccupied with these things God’s Word will be choked out, making it unfruitful. Matthew 6:33 states.

Here it is, unless our affections are set on the things of heaven, they will not be sought after in a proper manner.

Luke 8:14, And as for what fell among the thorns, they are those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by the cares and riches and pleasures of life, and their fruit does not mature.

Be blessed.

Love Lala :)

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God I Want To Be Part Of What You Are Doing | Open Heavens 2014


God I want to be part of what You are doing, If it means singing in the choir then I will do my best to be the best backup singer ever.

We pursue God because He first pursued us. I love Him because He first loved me. He stirs my heart to seek after Him.

One psalmist said, ” My soul follows hard after you, your right hand upholds me”. That’s one complicated, restless and earnest statement. All these times we are pursuing Him, We are already in His hands. We were created to worship and pursue our King. The one who upholds us. When we fail and become weary it is His that upholds us. Jesus encourages our hearts to be in pursuit of Himself.


This week we have Open Heavens/Worship Weekend at my church. A weekend to just have uninterrupted time of worship. Amazing time to cleave to,adhere to Him. Time to just be glued to the One we love.

I can almost feel the heat of everyone’s desire after God. Everyone is inviting their friends, we have some people traveling through to join us. This is NOT JUST AN EVENT, it’s WORSHIP to the King, so deserving.

I am really looking forward to this time, I have been praying and seeking Him for this. I will be in the choir :) STOKED. Ready to give Him my best. My gift is just God’s loan to me.

I will echo A.W Tozer’s words today, I want the presence of God Himself , I don’t want anything else to do with Religion………I want all that is God or I don’t want anything.


I want to taste, feel and see the wonders of Jesus. I desire to be like child in His presence, nothing complicated or deep.

I just want to be His “babe” …:) (Luke 10:21).

Open Heavens 2014. God formed us to Himself. COME with prepared Hearts.

If we are His A-Team then where is the A + Effort that HE DESERVES.


What if we served God and His people with everything we have? Has the church settled for only good and stopped pursuing excellence? They say good is the enemy for great.

I recently visited a church in KwaZulu Natal, Hillcrest. I was incredibly amazed at what has changed in the past 5 years since my first visit. I learned a lot from just observing and helping out where I could, the sermons where just a bonus for me. I tried not to get distracted by their beautiful premises and the renovations they have done over these 5 years and focused on the way they were serving. Clearly God has been doing a work in them, he also renovated their hearts also. The growth in this church was felt and seen in every detail. They have become so excellent in their serving of the King and His people. The quality of serving went from good to great.


I have always referred myself as a servant girl but now I have a desire to be an “excellent servant girl” for Jesus. I love to serve, so totally passionate about the church. This visit has left me pursuing excellence , quality in everything I do for Him.


When I got back I started reading a book by Jim Collins called Good to Great. It’s a business book about how some companies have gone from just doing good to doing really great over years. I wanted to understand the difference between great and good, between excellent and mediocre. How can I bring my King beautiful. How can I serve Him with excellence.

I want my life to count for Him. I want to build beyond just myself, with eternity in mind. I simply just want to please Jesus more. I want all that I do to be for His “WELL DONE”. He has gifted us so we can serve his church well. ( 1 Corinthians 12:4-11)

Matthew 22:37, I shall love with my ALL. Jesus requires our ALL, heart, soul and mind. A servant is all about pleasing His master. Let all that we put our hands on glorify Him. Excellence is what He deserves.

IF WE ARE JESUS’ A-TEAM THEN WHERE IS THE A + EFFORT THAT HE DESERVES.Our King deserves all things beautiful and great.

Hebrews 12:28, Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe. We build to last, there is an eternal significance and crown at the end of our race. Only great things we do for Him will last. Serving is not only for Deacons but for anyone who serves in any ministry of Jesus.

1 Timothy 4:10,That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

When last did you work hard for the king not out of obligation but because you choose to give Him your A+ effort? Your great over just good. I slept late last night trying to re-size a picture just that it fits neatly in the weekly devotions I send for the church. I wanted everything to look great for Him because I have an understanding of just how privilege I am to be part of this Kingdom. It was not suppose to take that long but I am quite clueless sometimes with  these things. In the morning after the email was sent I realized there were also some spelling mistakes. That really broke my heart, I was frustrated. I felt like I failed Him. I know it’s going to be quite a process to get things right but I will give this a chance. I am in pursuit for excellence. I will spend time going over and over an email before I send it out. He deserves my best. Now is not performance, It’s a heart choice.


I want to serve Him great, I want to love his people great.

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